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2008-07-24 07:27:42 by iLott

May there be nothing in here?

I'm going to Jamaica!

2008-02-02 06:24:19 by iLott

I finally gathered money to go to Jamaica!
After a 5 weeks working in some factory warehouse i get all the money to travel to Jamaica. First time i thought it'll be better in Holand, but Jamaica .. well i cannot let away that chance.

So, i will be a week in Jamaica, after i'll come back, i'll tell you about it, if I will be able to. :F

Newgrounds Windows Skin

2007-11-03 09:25:01 by iLott

For those who using windows:
I found a great, simple and free program to make a windows skin, and first idea what i get was to create a NewGrounds windows skin. So here is a picture of it. I will create it in month or maybe two im not sure now.

Newgrounds Windows Skin

I'll blow it up!

2007-10-07 07:24:49 by iLott

I'll blow it! The 10 Days Trial, it is a good thing, but in time, it's boring not for me only, but for NG users too. So I ending with it, from now, i'll do just good thing, begining with a game Mr.Black: Hacker, expecting at christmas! :) ..
So long, 10DT ..

Mr. Black: The Hacker

2007-09-29 14:47:35 by iLott

I am going to make this game and don't try to stop me!! :)

So, because i'm interested of computer, speed music and scripting, I decided to make the game about it. Maybe you'll laugh this post beacause it'll be my first game in NG territory. But what I can say: this would not be some kind of a shit!

As you can see in two parts of 10DT, there is a Mr.Black a big agent hero who'll kill everybody, do his job and then he'll screw it all. I decided to make the game about him.
He will be drop out on the Island Awarad, in the middle of Caribbean sea. His mission is to destroy the missile witch have to destroy Europe.
The game will contains hacking, coding and of course: decoding and counting of hard quadratics...
No just kidding; it'll be fun.
For start: It got coool graphics, i guess... :Y

Game will be completed to a christmas evening. :)

So, make sure u'll try it! :)

Mr. Black: The Hacker

10 Days Trial

2007-08-31 06:11:40 by iLott

After all, I decided to make a new kind of trial. I call it 10 Days Trial.
Every first 10 days in every month, i will make 10 shorts for every day. Short will be like Adam Phillips 30 days shorts, but this will be some more; after a popularity will grow up, i will contact some bigger artists and ask them to done a short for this trial.
Actually, you can make one too, just contact me by a message box. :)

10 Days Trial